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10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Best BCA College
  • By skips_university
  • September 27, 2023
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10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Best BCA College

The Indian IT sector is considered the backbone of Western tech companies. With increased adoption of digital technologies and growing inclination towards Web 3.0 technologies, the future seems bright for the growth of the IT industry. According to the Times of India, the Indian IT sector is about to reach $245 Billion by the 2023 year-end. So, if you plan to have a career in the IT sector or want to become a techie, you are on the right path.

After completing 12th, everyone must pick a bachelorette degree that will help shape their career. A Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a popular option that helps one easily venture into the IT industry. However, finalising which course to do isn’t the end, you will have to select the right undergraduate college. The right college will guide you towards a successful career and will make the transition from academic to corporate life super easy for you.

In this article, we will read about the factors to consider before finalising the best BCA college in Ahmedabad for you.

10 Things One Must Consider Before Selecting the Best BCA College in Ahmedabad

If you are willing to have an amazing college-life experience along with a bright professional future, go through this list attentively. Below are the 10 things every student must consider before selecting the best BCA college for him/her.

1. Career Options in BCA

Before you move ahead, the first thing you need to do is check the career options you have in the BCA. With BCA {Bachelor of Computer Application} you can have a prosperous career in website development, website designing, digital marketing, graphic designing, data mining, system administration, and much more. Whether you are interested in the technical or designing part, the BCA offers everything.

2. Learning Environment

Once you have gone through the career options, another thing to consider while selecting the college is its learning environment. A good learning environment can make a huge difference. A BCA graduate will have to work together with other colleagues on a project and the college or university will play a vital role in training them. Along with theoretical knowledge, you will need to have practical knowledge too on solving complex engineering problems.

3. Security and Discipline

Many students neglect this aspect. They will look at all the other necessary and unnecessary things but will leave out security and discipline. Universities and colleges need to have strong security for the protection of students on campus. The set of rules laid by the head of the administration for code of conduct, attendance, and other things will make you disciplined for your future.

4. Modern Teaching Pedagogies

When you are planning to make your career in the IT sector, you will need to stay updated too. We all know, teaching has taken a big turn towards modernization after COVID-19. There are colleges where faculties have opted for modern teaching pedagogies like, microlearning, gamification, VR learning, inquiry-based learning, and even e-learning. So, if you are looking for a BCA college in Ahmedabad, you might want to consider one that has accepted modern teaching ways.

5. Affiliation

Before finalising any college, you must check if it’s affiliated with a government-recognized university. You might think, who sees that nowadays? But when you have headed ahead in a technical profession, college and university matters. A reputable university or college can make a significant impact on your placement as it adds weight to your college degree.

6. Industry Connection

Why having an industry connection necessary for a BCA college? Well, if colleges have a better industry connection, it can help students in familiarising with the industry via internships. It can give students valuable exposure to the industry and prepare them for it. Students can gain valuable experience through internships and boost their confidence about their career choices as well.

7. Faculties

Faculties are the pillar of a college. If that pillar is broken, the college is nothing but a place for students to hang out. In addition to that, it might ruin your life too. So, when selecting the college, check about the faculties. You will get to know about it on the official website of the college. An experienced and well-versed faculty can provide you with knowledge about the industry as well as help you fix all your errors.

8. Extra-Curricular Activities

You might have heard the quote, “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The same goes for the student. Only learning will not take you anywhere, you need to play too. By that we mean, look for the extra-curricular activities in a college you can participate in. A computer science club, event, or competition could also enable you to develop essential skills, build a portfolio, and network with peers.

9. Course Structure

BCA has a course tenure of three years divided into six semesters. Throughout these three years, students will be learning every aspect of computer applications. However, you must check the college’s course structure includes an extensive part on teaching basic concepts and coding languages. Along with that, the course structure should have an introduction to the latest information technologies as well.

10. Placement

No matter what college you pick, you must look at their placements. You need to see if the college provides placement opportunities or not. And if yes, then what type of company tie-ups do they have? You can check that via the placement department in the college, or even ask the ex-student of the college. With that, you will also be able to get a review and feedback on the college too!


Selecting the best BCA college involves finding a balance between academic excellence, practical exposure, and opportunities for personal growth. However, you must prioritise your personal preference among these 10 factors while selecting the college.

Since 1985, the St. Kabir Group has become the most preferred destination for higher education in Ahmedabad. Currently, SKIPS University is among the best BCA colleges in Ahmedabad ticking all the factors mentioned in this post. From experienced faculties and top placements to modern teaching approaches and industry connections, we have aced it all to help students reach their dream destination sooner and smoothly.

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