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Career and Job Opportunities After BBA
  • By skips_university
  • September 27, 2023
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Career and Job Opportunities After BBA

A BBA is a foundational degree to study business administration, which involves the management of a business’s resources like time, people and money. It is a popular choice among students since it provides a comprehensive foundation for a career in business management and thus opens an array of horizons, in fields like finance, entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing to name a few.

Given the rapidly growing Indian economy and the entrepreneurial wave in the country, a BBA degree becomes even more significant since companies require the skills and competence of BBA graduates for everything from handling the technical aspect to formulating strategies and organizing business resources.

Here’s what you probably didn’t know about a business administration degree:

1. Wide area of study

A BBA exposes you to a broad overview of business: Marketing, sales, HR management, accounting, organization, analysis etc. Students can also choose a specialization in a field that appeals most to them. The holistic knowledge and skills gained expose one to the world of business and prepare them for real-world business challenges.

2. Practical skills acquisition

A BBA is not just confined to technical skills, but also learning important workspace skills like communication, networking, leadership, creativity, strategic thinking, decision-making ability and innovation among others. To choose one candidate among the thousands of CVs received, employers look for these skills that make one stand apart from the crowd. A BBA curriculum is designed in a way that students develop an array of skills that directly impacts their performance in any job in the future.

3. Job versatility

A business administration degree is a gateway to diverse job roles. It enables graduates to align the theoretical and practical knowledge gained about different business aspects with their interests to choose from a plethora of job roles. Owing to the general structure of a BBA, there are a number of areas to specialize in, including finance, sales, logistics, data analysis, management, marketing, finance and accounting, etc.

4. Entrepreneurial spirit

If you dream of ‘building by yourself’ instead of the ‘fancy corporate life’ or ever feel stuck in the 9-5 life, a BBA degree has already given you an edge as it equips you with comprehensive knowledge about business workings, the interdependence of various departments within a business, developing different strategies for different scenarios and thus prepares one for opening new ventures.

Career Opportunities You Can Seek After the BBA Course:

1. Financial Analyst

The reason why companies like Amazon are market leaders today is that they have mastered playing with the most crucial aspect of any business: DATA. A financial analyst does the same job. They help companies make business decisions by gathering and studying data like stock price information, profits and sales data of the past years, and industry research and then analyzing this data using Excel or some other database.

They thus help derive and draw inferences from statistics like debt/equity ratio, gross margin, fixed and variable costs, etc. From the inferences and comparisons drawn, forecasts and recommendations are made to increase market shares and profit.

2. Business Consultant

A business consultant’s job is to provide recommendations to an organization in various domains like management, strategy, operation, logistics or even leadership. As technology reshapes the business world, the salaries of business consultants grow more than the average level since consultants are essential to keep the business competitive and efficient.

A BBA is a perfect gateway for this role if you feel passionate about providing cut-edge solutions to dynamic business problems, improving customer satisfaction and researching market trends to reshape work landscapes.

3. Digital Marketing

In the ‘Internet Era’, business systems have changed. With almost all brands having an online presence today and the audience spending most of the time on digital platforms, traditional marketing methods alone can’t suffice. Today as companies increase their digital marketing budget by double-digit figures, it is a trending career opportunity

There are different forms of digital marketing:

  • Search engine Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-per-click (Google ads operation)

It is recommended to do a digital marketing course and learn from other online platforms to get into this field after a BBA.

4. Sales Executive

A sales executive job is to drive sales by researching and recommending new business opportunities, meeting with prospective clients, maintaining relationships with existing ones, formulating sales strategies and keeping up with the latest business trends to keep on generating leads.

Employers generally look for graduates with a BBA degree in sales and marketing and someone with good communication and networking skills for this role. Since businesses operate for profits and profits come from sales, there is no limit on how much a sales executive can earn, given his/her excellent sales skills.

5. Investment Banker

Who hasn’t heard of popular names like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs? With these investment banks generating revenues in billions, a career in investment banking is lucrative. Investment banks serve as a bridge between investors and large enterprises to help them procure financing. They also provide help to clients with business decisions by researching market trends and providing financial advice, stocks on their behalf and help during mergers and acquisitions.

A job in investment banking thus revolves around valuation fixation, product offerings, equity transactions, Initial public offerings and other financial models. An undergraduate degree in business will be the most sought-after educational qualification for a career in investment banking.

6. Supply Chain Management

Have you ever wondered how your mobile phone, with different parts of it manufactured in different countries, finally comes to you as a final product? This is done through a complex supply chain system partly driven by supply chain managers. Supply chain managers are therefore responsible for managing the import and export of raw materials and finished products and looking after the production process.

Since this involves processes like minimizing distribution costs, monitoring logistical operations and thus maximizing profits, it is a well-remunerative job opportunity.

7. Human Resources

An HR’s job is to perform human resource management functions like finding, selecting, recruiting and training new employees. It includes responsibilities ranging from designing the requirements and responsibilities of vacant job roles, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, deciding employees’ payroll, keeping track of their records, ensuring that they are updated with the latest industry trends and providing them with secondary reference and in-house training programs so that they bring more value to the company to lending support and ensuring their personal growth as well.

Leveling up the game after BBA


Above mentioned are just some broad spectrums and career prospects that a BBA opens to you. However, these are not ALL! There are a lot of related jobs as well to make businesses stay unique, competitive and efficient when technologies reshape business operations.

While a BBA provides a strong foundation and hands-on experience through practical projects, it can limit you, given the fact that it does not equip graduates with advanced and more technical business aspects.

A report by GMAC shows that 23.46 lakh people hold an MBA degree in India and according to MBA rendezvous, about 75% of engineers opt for business management roles instead of their core fields. MBA, therefore, is a well-famous master’s degree done by graduates from all streams, given the array of opportunities it provides for scaling the career graph. An MBA offers tremendous growth opportunities by providing a deeper knowledge of the corporate world, awareness of the global market and industry-relevant skills like strategic thinking, problem-solving and business leadership.

An MBA from a reputed B-school will not only become a showstopper in your resume but also gives you an edge in making a bright career in top companies at posts offering higher packages and job security.

Professional Courses

Even though BBA from most colleges today provide relevant practical experience through internships and projects, changing the education system in a way to make it entirely industry-oriented cannot be done at a rate of knots.

Fortunately, professional courses are non-traditional ways to help you bridge the gap between the skills imparted by a degree and what it actually takes to be a specialist in your area of interest ahead of general education. A certification makes your knowledge more pronounced and assures high growth and adds a stunning credential.

So, after a BBA, one can take up advanced professional courses in fields of digital marketing, data analysis, product management, UI/UX design, business analytics and other popular ones to get a leap in pursuing their area of interest.


A BBA is surely a great degree to pursue if one is interested in business administration since it imparts comprehensive knowledge and opens a range of opportunities. It provides an excellent stepping stone but that’s not enough. To skyrocket your career and open enormous career opportunities, get yourself enrolled in one of the top BBA programs in Ahmedabad at SKIPS University.

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