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Career and Job Opportunities After BCA
  • By skips_university
  • September 27, 2023
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Career and Job Opportunities After BCA

The technology sector is growing at an unprecedented rate in India. The government’s Digital India initiative, the remarkable growth of E-commerce startups, the growth of agri-tech, the emergence of tech startups, UPI payments, and advancements in artificial technology are fostering a technology-driven economy, unfolding endless possibilities and fuelling innovation. These advancements are leading the demand for professionals in computer science and programming to keep the digital infrastructure up and running.

Looking to step into the professional world of IT with Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA). Let us enlighten you about the multitude of opportunities waiting at your doorstep. Our comprehensive article gives you a glimpse into the lucrative career paths and job opportunities post-BCA.

Top Perks of the BCA Program

The advent of Information Technology has created enormous IT job openings and has thus boosted the demand for related educational fields.

  • The IT sector experienced a growth rate of 15.5%, with 4.5 Lakh jobs created in 2022 alone.
  • As of March 2023, the IT sector employs 5.4 million people.
  • India’s IT expenditure is anticipated to grow by 12% annually, outpacing the global average.

[Source: Nasscom, Business World]

This very much justifies why a degree in computer applications is growing to be a popular choice among students.

1. At par with Computer science

Although the course is inclined towards core engineering, the computer curriculum of both courses is at par with each other. Important programming languages like Java, Python, and C++ are taught in both courses.

2. Flexibility

BCA, being a less rigorous degree than engineering, allows you to invest more in yourself by enhancing the skills you are already learning and acquiring new ones, to maximize the job opportunities.

3. Broad curriculum

BCA has a diverse curriculum consisting of software development, the Internet of Things, Cyber security, cloud technology, web and application development, programming, etc. These domains are undoubtedly employment-oriented and incredibly valuable in the tech-driven world.

4. Accessible to Non-science students

The BCA degree is by far the only degree and an excellent one indeed, for commerce, humanities and biology students who want to get into the technical field and form a career in the IT industry.

Now, let us look at some of the many sought-after career opportunities that you can seek after the BCA course:

Top Job Profiles After BCA

1. Web Development

Web development means the creation, designing, and maintenance of websites. This is a great career choice for BCA graduates since companies worldwide need web developers. By polishing the acquired programming skills through diplomas and certifications, BCA graduates can get into this rewarding domain.

2. Data Scientist

Data science is an in-demand career opportunity that has shown rapid growth over a few years. The reason why people make a lot of money in this field is because this is a comparatively newer field and there is a shortage of people who are extremely good at it. BCA graduates already have a decent knowledge of programming languages. However, you will be supposed to acquire expertise in advanced AI/ML and databases like SQL to grab high-paying jobs.

3. Cyber security

Did you hear about the recent hacking of the Twitter accounts of world-famous personalities? In this digital world, protecting networks, software and systems from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks is equally important as creating those. This is where the role of cyber security experts comes in. Once you hone your skills in operating systems, cloud, scripting and SIEM, further, you can go for this career.

4. Blockchain development

You know the buzz around Bitcoin these days! Bitcoin transactions and all cryptocurrencies are entirely based on blockchains. Blockchain, in simple terms, is a system of storing information by sharing it all along the computer network. This makes it nearly impossible to corrupt or hack the data. This is an emerging sector, offering lucrative career opportunities. If you are interested in this next big thing in the financial market, you must have a very good command of coding and go on to gain knowledge about the terms and algorithms driving blockchain.

5. Product management

A customer is the most important person in a business and satisfying him is the best business strategy ever. That is why product managers are hired to build product roadmaps. Since in this digital era, there exists almost no business without a digital presence, product managers need to have significant knowledge about the tech side too, along with understanding user needs, research skills, performing market assessments, defining a vision, setting strategies and driving execution.

6. Technical /IT analyst

While technical analysts are experts with technical analysis knowledge to help investors take profitable investment decisions, IT analysts design and monitor computer systems. Both of the opportunities demand the technical skills gained in a BCA degree. IT analysts design and implement data-driven solutions to boost efficiency using the appropriate technology. Technical analysts carefully observe past trading patterns and use relevant technical indicators to project future growth. Both fields are highly promising career prospects.

7. Software Development

The scope of software development knows no bounds. Software developers code programs and facilitate proper design and implementation of software. As a BCA graduate, you can enter this industry as a trainee and proceed by taking up courses, devoting time to practicing programming languages and working on real projects. One also needs to develop critical thinking and problem-solving aptitude for a leap in this career option.

Opening up Better Opportunities and Future Growth with MCA and MBA


If you want to make a career in the tech-related profile, then going for a 2-year MCA in your post-graduation is a great choice. An MCA graduate is considered equivalent to a student. It becomes easy to enter companies as software engineers, full-stack developers, IT analysts, cloud engineers, data scientists, and a lot more. An MCA makes you a fit for the IT industry and can thus offer extremely good packages, given that you have a profound knowledge of your niche.


If you wish to diversify your knowledge, fortify your business skills, and build upon your communication, strategic thinking, and management skills, MBA would be an excellent option to advance your career. An MBA after a BCA is actually an attractive combination since you gain expertise in both niches: Computers and business. There is a lot of exposure one gains by doing an MBA from a reputed B-School: exploring new industries, forming and expanding your network, broadening your business perspective and accelerating your career.

Other Professional courses after BCA

Professional courses and online certifications are a great way to make yourself future-ready. These courses are a blessing in disguise for anyone who wants to advance in their area of interest at their own pace in a comparatively shorter period of time. Certifications serve as a great credential for your skills, demonstrating that you are a trained professional.

Moreover, it’s always better to learn ahead of the curve and keep yourself updated to stay ahead of the crowd in grabbing high-paying opportunities. As a BCA graduate, the courses in your area of study would include JAVA, web development, SQL, cybersecurity, blockchain technology, data science, android development and more.


You must have got a pretty good idea about why to choose BCA, its perks and the career opportunities it can offer. To conclude, if you are really interested in computer science and for any reason, are not going for engineering or are from non-science backgrounds, or want to save an extra year, then BCA in Ahmedabad at SKIPS University is a great choice at this stage. Just try to be ahead of the crowd by investing in your skills continuously and the sky will be the limit then!

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