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How SKIPS University Offers the Best Industry Exposure for its Students?
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  • October 30, 2023
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How SKIPS University Offers the Best Industry Exposure for its Students?

Industrial exposure refers to the hands-on experience that students obtain from spending time in a professional setting pertinent to their academic discipline. This exposure can take the form of internships, live projects, industry expert interactions during seminars/workshops/guest sessions, field trips to industries, or even practical training sessions on-site.

This type of exposure is particularly essential for those studying professional courses such as BCA, MCA, MSc (IT), BBA, MBA, PGDM, or PGDM in Applied Finance. It serves as a bridge connecting academic learning and its practical application in the industry.

In this article, we will discuss how, one of the top universities in Ahmedabad–SKIPS University, offers students a direct understanding of how industrial operations function, empowering them to use their theoretical knowledge in real-life situations. SKIPS University has a strategic industry exposure plan for its students where its students gain a perspective on the most recent industry trends and methodologies, boosting their ability to adapt to shifting business landscapes.

Why is Industry Exposure Important for Students of Professional Programs?

Industry exposure allows students to see beyond classroom sessions and have a glimpse of what the actual corporate world will look like.

Through industrial exposure, students can:

  • Explore their interests within their discipline
  • Make informed career decisions about future specializations
  • Establish professional connections
  • Test their abilities to solve industry challenges
  • Gain first-hand experience in business settings
  • Get the chance to work in diverse, multicultural environments
  • Learn project management skills, including planning, execution
  • Improve their customer service skills with direct interaction with customers
  • Become more aware of market dynamics, such as demand and supply trends
  • Develop leadership qualities, such as decision-making, ethical considerations, etc.
  • Add relevant industry experience certificates to their portfolios

How Does SKIPS University Strategize a 360-degree Industrial Exposure for its Students?

#1 Live Projects

At SKIPS University, students actively participate in real-time projects alongside esteemed industry partners. These projects provide students with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and develop the necessary skills for their future endeavors, as they work on industry-specific scenarios.

#2 Internships

Internships play a crucial role in SKIPS University’s approach to providing industrial exposure. Students are encouraged to pursue internships in their chosen fields, enabling them to acquire hands-on experience and establish valuable connections with professionals in the industry. This not only enhances their practical skills but also opens doors to future career prospects.

#3 Field Trips to Industries

SKIPS University arranges field trips to give students practical insights into specific industries. These visits serve as enlightening experiences, providing students with a firsthand understanding of the professional world and aiding them in making well-informed career decisions.

#4 Guest Lectures by Industry Experts

SKIPS University regularly organizes guest lectures featuring experts from various industries. These sessions allow students to gain insights and practical wisdom from accomplished professionals, complementing their theoretical knowledge. By providing a real-world perspective on business challenges, these lectures help students develop a well-rounded understanding of their field.

#5 Seminars

At SKIPS University, seminars provide students with the chance to explore in-depth subjects presented by industry professionals. These seminars promote analytical thinking about real-world issues, expanding students’ perspectives and honing their problem-solving abilities.

#6 Workshops by Industry Experts
Workshops are an integral component of SKIPS University’s curriculum. These interactive sessions foster creativity, critical thinking, and networking skills among students. Through various activities and discussions, students are encouraged to think innovatively.

#7 Industry Certifications

SKIPS University places a strong emphasis on the significance of obtaining industry certifications. These programs provide students with valuable resources such as study materials, case studies, and access to online communities. By earning recognized certifications, students enhance their employability and add value to their resumes.

#8 Active Collaborations & Partnerships with Industry

SKIPS University actively seeks collaborations and partnerships with stakeholders in the industry. These initiatives promote open-mindedness among students and inspire them to share their discoveries, publish research, and build self-confidence. The collaboration between academia and industry accelerates students’ preparedness for the job market.

#9 Industry Research

At SKIPS University, students are encouraged to undertake research projects in collaboration with industry partners. These projects offer students the opportunity to address real-world challenges, contributing to both their academic growth and the advancement of the industry.

#10 Mentorships by Industry Stalwarts

Mentorship programs at SKIPS University connect students with experienced professionals from the industry who provide guidance, share insights, and offer a personalized approach to career development.

Wrapping Up:

Students in professional studies will find their learning experiences incomplete without substantial industrial exposure. By choosing to study at SKIPS University, the best University in Ahmedabad for higher education, you open the doors to unmatched opportunities for industrial exposure.

SKIPS University is committed to creating an educational framework cantered around industrial experience, offering a multitude of learning prospects and promising the best employment possibilities. This makes us the premium choice for advanced professional courses like BCA, MSc. (IT), PGDM, BBA, B.Tech., and more.

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