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Top 10 Emerging Job Trends for 2024 and Beyond
  • By skips_university
  • January 25, 2024
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Top 10 Emerging Job Trends for 2024 and Beyond

As India continues its path towards becoming the world’s third-largest economy, its employment sector is undergoing swift changes. The consistent advancements in technology are significantly propelling job growth within the country. This evolution is opening a plethora of employment avenues in various sectors such as Information Technology, Educational Technology, Banking and Finance, E-commerce, and Healthcare.

The talent pool of India is experiencing rapid expansion. In this era of digitization, it has become necessary for individuals to continually upskill and reskill themselves to stay competitive in the market.

SKIPS University, one of the best Universities in Ahmedabad, has detailed the list of the top 10 Job Trends that will dominate 2024 and upcoming years. To have a successful career, job seekers and students must watch these latest job trends.

Top 10  Emerging Career Trends in India

The landscape of jobs has completely changed in the current era. The pandemic and recent wars have compelled the corporate world to adopt digital transformation to make them more resilient to such disruptions. As a result, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cloud, and Machine Learning are seeing rapid expansion due to their application in business transformation. Companies are looking for professionals skilled in AI, ML, and cybersecurity to stay ahead of the competition. Business analytics professionals can land a job anywhere they want and applied finance is creating more jobs than ever before.

Below we are listing some of the trending roles that job-seekers should check out for career advancement:

#1 Data Science

Data science has emerged as a vital skill in our increasingly data-centric world. This field plays a pivotal role in an organization’s decision-making process, marking it as a highly desirable position within the IT sector. For proficient IT professionals, data science offers a promising and vibrant future.

Relevant Skills: Programming languages, Data visualization, ML, Big Data

Education: M.Sc (IT) in Data Science & other related professional certificates

#2 Artificial Intelligence
The scope of Artificial Intelligence in India is promising. Government initiatives like IndiaAI are witness to the fast-paced adoption of Artificial Intelligence by Indian institutions. AI promises enormous job opportunities and a golden future to aspirants in this field.

Education: B.Tech or M.Sc (IT)
Relevant Skills: Programming languages, Data Science, Machine learning, NLP, Deep learning, etc.

#3 Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is an exponentially growing domain, sparking a surge in demand for roles within this field. As enterprises begin to grasp the potential benefits of cloud technology, the need for experts in this area continues to rise. For those with the right skills, cloud computing can offer exceptional opportunities and a competitive salary package.

Education: BCA, B.Tech or M.Sc. (IT) or related field
Relevant Skills: Database Skills, DevOps, APIs, Programming languages, Data visualization, Cloud platforms and services etc

#4 Machine Learning

The career prospects in machine learning are extremely favorable and rapidly expanding due to its wide-ranging applications across numerous industries. Companies highly prize machine learning specialists, positioning it as one of the most popular careers within the IT industry. Machine learning presents rewarding opportunities accompanied by attractive remuneration for skilled professionals.

Education: B.Tech, BCA, or M.Sc (IT).

Relevant Skills: Data modeling, Programming, Algorithms, Data Science, AI, etc.

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#5 Applied Finance
Students of applied finance find a vast pool of opportunities in finance-related sectors like corporate banking and finance, insurance, investment management, etc. Finance is the backbone of any business and Applied finance helps them to make informed financial decisions. The interconnectedness of global markets is one of the most significant factors fueling the demand for applied finance experts in this sector.

Education: PGDM in Applied Finance or MBA in Applied Finance
Relevant Skills: Financial Modeling, Financial Analytics, Budgeting, Financial Accounting etc

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#6 Business Analytics
Business Analytics has become a crucial skill in today’s age of information. The demand for Business analysts has grown more than ever and is expected to rise in the future as more businesses are turning to data for making crucial business decisions.

Education: PGDM in Business Analytics or MBA in Business Analytics
Relevant Skills: Data Analysis, Business acumen & expertise, business analysis, etc

#7 Web Development
In this digital era, every business be it small or big, needs an online presence to drive growth. Startups hire website developers to turn their ideas into brands, businesses need them to maintain and improve online presence. Website development is a lucrative profession if you have excellent programming skills and a passion for creating websites and apps. It is one of the fastest-growing careers with high earning potential.

Education: B.Tech Computer Science, BCA,  or M.Sc (IT) Full Stack Development
Relevant Skills: UX and UI Design, SEO, Programming Languages, Coding.

#8 Cyber Security
The demand for skilled cybersecurity experts is on the rise in India. With Fast-paced data digitization, the risk of cyber threats has also increased multifold. Organizations need cybersecurity professionals to protect data and combat the mounting cyber crimes. Cyber Security promises a bright future for young professionals in this field.

Education: M.Sc (IT) Cyber Security

Relevant Skills: Cloud security, network, and blockchain security, ethical hacking, etc.

#9 Digital Marketing
A digital marketer designs digital marketing strategies for a brand’s online presence, they are experts in running ad and email campaigns and optimizing them as per the campaign performance. Digital Marketing is a dynamic field with an immense scope of employment, but one needs to keep upskilling to stay relevant here.

Education: PGDM Marketing or MBA Marketing

Relevant Skills: SEO, SEM, Content marketing, Google ads, social media marketing and more

#10 Management

If you are not interested in the IT field but want to make a successful career in the coming years then management roles can do the trick for you. With the rising remote working trend and business expansion,  organizations need managers to oversee their increasing business operations. Some of the exciting and well-paid management positions are – Business Manager, HR Manager, Project Manager, Business Development Manager, etc.

Education: PGDM with Dual Specialization  or other related certifications
Relevant Skills:
Strong leadership and team management abilities, Excellent communication and soft skills, Problem-solving acumen, etc.
It is important to upgrade your skills and knowledge to pursue a career in emerging fields. You achieve this by taking online courses, attending workshops, or pursuing a formal degree program.

Other trending Job categories for 2024 are:

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Digital Content Creators
  • Logistics supervisors
  • Supply chain professionals
  • Robotic Engineer
  • Financial Planner
  • Event Manager

Final Thoughts:

India’s top emerging careers offer immense growth potential. Whether you’re interested in data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, or Business Analytics, there is a wide range of options to go for. Developing the necessary skills, and staying updated with industry trends are essential for thriving in these new career paths. So, if you’re ready to embrace a fulfilling career, start equipping yourself with the right skills and knowledge.

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