How to Become a Mobile App Developer After 12th?
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  • March 28, 2024
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How to Become a Mobile App Developer After 12th?

The mobile app development industry is continually expanding. Mobile apps are necessary in all business sectors, including education, healthcare, business, and entertainment. It is a lucrative market for individuals to get high incentives.

Mobile app developers are responsible for designing and building mobile apps. A mobile app developer can collaborate with clients to produce a video game, social networking app, or any other application to use on a mobile phone or tablet.

Ways to Become a Mobile App Developer after Completing Your 12th

The gig economy has seen a significant rise in demand for tech roles, and among the top in-demand positions is the Mobile App Developer. With the increasing reliance on smartphones and mobile applications, businesses are constantly in need of skilled professionals who can develop innovative and user-friendly mobile apps.

BCA emerges as the top program that easily kick-starts your journey in the mobile app development field.

The following is a list of Mobile Application Developer-related courses.


  • Stream: Any stream with 50% marks in 12th
  • Subject: Math

BCA program is a three-year undergraduate program, with the minimum qualification being 10+2 from a CBSE or state-board school. The curriculum teaches you the fundamentals of coding for computer applications and computer design.

B) B. Tech in computer science

  • Stream: Science with 50% marks in 12th
  • Subject: Physics, Chemistry, Math

B. Tech in computer science engineering is a four-year undergraduate degree that includes computer software and hardware, programming languages, algorithms, and data structures.

C) B. Tech in Information technology

  • Stream: Science with 50% marks in 12th
  • Sub: Physics, Chemistry, math

To take a B. Tech program in Information technology,  get admission into a recognized university according to your qualifying score in the Common Entrance Test. This course teaches programming languages, UI design, and database management skills.

D) B. Sc. in computer science

  • Stream: Science with 50% marks in 12th
  • Sub: Physics, Chemistry, math

B.Sc in Computer Science is a 3-year undergraduate course for students after 12th grade from a reputed college or recognized university. This program covers the essential knowledge and skills to code, execute, and debug any software or mobile application.

E) Certification courses

Due to rapid changes in internet services and the education sector, you can take a mobile app development course from your home. Online platforms like Coursera, IGNOU, and Udemy offer app development courses. They gave great mentors to tech skills for Android app development.

Choose the SKIPS University BCA program to become a mobile app developer after the 12th

1. Eligibility

Students who have completed 12th grade are allowed for the BCA program, regardless of their stream. It requires math as a compulsory course. If you come from the commerce or arts streams, you can still have a successful career in mobile app development. Scoring 50% marks in 12th grade is the minimum requirement to enroll for the BCA course.

2. Fundamentals of Mobile App Development

The BCA course includes fundamental topics like Android app development, iOS app development, and cross-platform app development. Students learn mobile user interface designing and mobile app testing.

3. Elective Courses

The BCA degree in mobile app development includes a variety of elective courses in multimedia application, cloud computing, system software, Linux administrator, and cybersecurity. Students can select among these courses depending on their interests and professional goals.

4. Internships

Completing an internship during the BCA program leads to a job offer in mobile app development. Many companies provide internships for students and new graduates. These programs offer hands-on experience in app development, leading you to a full-time job role.

5. Build a Portfolio The BCA course provides the perfect platform to build a diverse portfolio of mobile app projects. You can start with simple apps, like calculators or weather apps, and gradually progress to more complex projects. It enhances practical app development skills but also showcases your creativity and proficiency to potential employers.

6. Attend Industry Events

At our university campus, we conduct industry-oriented events and workshops for students. They get to know the latest trends and technologies in mobile app development.


To become a mobile application developer with a BCA degree, you need dedication, creativity, and passion to learn new concepts. With the right skills and experience, you can successfully carve out a great career in this on-trend domain.

Get enrolled in the BCA course atSKIPS University, and start your journey towards a fulfilling career in mobile app development.

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