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How to Become a UI/UX Designer After 12th Class?
  • By skips_university
  • May 8, 2024
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How to Become a UI/UX Designer After 12th Class?

In the fast-changing era of digitalization, every user wishes to enjoy the best technology version. The automobile, electronics, or healthcare industry wants to offer the best experience to its users. Mobile applications and websites are the leading modes to connect with users. They expect a smooth website experience while browsing its applications. The UI/UX Designers offer a flawless user experience while interacting with company websites.

There are plenty of job opportunities available for students with UI/UX qualifications, especially if you do BCA in Ahmedabad, as it hosts thousands of IT companies offering UI/UX services.

We will discuss ways to become a UI/UX designer after the 12th.

Ways to Become a UI/UX Designer After 12th Class

If you are passionate about technology and design, then a career as a UI/UX designer might be perfect for you.

1. BCA

  • Stream: Any stream with a 50% score in 12th
  • Subject: Math

A Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year course. It focuses specifically on the principles and practices of user interface and user experiences of design. The course teaches you the most tending designing patterns and cutting-edge technology practices required to become a UI/UX professional Designer.

2. B. Tech in Information Technology

  • Stream: Science with 50% score in 12th
  • Subject: Physics, Chemistry, Math

Similar to B. Tech in Information Technology is a four-year degree program. It develops coding skills and UX research skills. The students learn about basic architectural designs. You can get admission to this course by taking an entrance exam or based upon a 12th score.

3. B.Tech in Computer Science

  • Stream: Science with 50% score
  • Subject: Physics, Chemistry, Math

A Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Computer Science is a four-year degree. It provides essential knowledge in programming, software development, and application development.

4. B.Sc in Computer Science

Stream: Science stream with 50% score in 12th

Subject: Physics, Chemistry and Math A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science is a three-degree course. It provides a comprehensive understanding of computer systems, user research, and Usability testing skills and creates an interactive design. These are high-in-demand skills for UI/UX designers.

5. Certification Courses

You can take online and offline UI/UX design certification courses after the 12th. They are shorter in duration and can provide you with specialized skills and knowledge in this field.

Choose the BCA program to become a UI/UX designer after the 12th

Following are the skills a student learns during a BCA course at a top University in Ahmedabad to become a UI/UX designer:

1. User-centric style The course teaches the students to gather user information and frame a design that fulfills their objectives. It aims to target and research the user profile before making a website prototype. Students will understand design layout, color theory, typography, and various visual components deeply.

2. Prototyping and wireframing  Through the BCA course, students can create interactive prototypes and wireframes. It allows you to test and improve design concepts, get user feedback, and provide a smooth user experience. You will learn to create a network that easily navigates users through hierarchal structures.

3. Interactive website design The students learn the fundamentals to create intuitive and engaging user interfaces. It helps you to create meaningful micro-interactions through animations and smooth screen transitions.

4. Collaborate as team The UI/UX designers collaborate with developers and teammates to offer a seamless website design. Students learn communication skills to present their ideas, gain feedback, and stick to specifications and project guidelines.

5. Technical skills The BCA course builds a strong foundation of UI/UX design skills such as coding, front-end development, website architecture, and usability testing. A student’s competence is judged on these skills to get an entry-level job.

6. Internships and projects

BCA courses offer more practical knowledge to students. Our curriculum includes internships and projects, giving real-time experience to the students. Through this, you can apply your theoretical concepts into practice.


Pursuing a BCA course from SKIPS University, students develop competence in programming, software creation, database management, and other desired skills. Our well-structured curriculum prepares our students to succeed as UI/UX designers.

If you are passionate about designing and wish to improve user experience, UI/UX design is an excellent career choice. It is a balance of creativity, problem-solving, and technical skills.

Start your journey for professional excellence by joining the SKIPS University BCA course after the 12th today.

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