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Anti-Ragging Policy

Students Anti-Ragging Policy

According to the ruling of the Supreme Court, ragging is considered a criminal offense. Any act of ragging, whether it occurs inside or outside the University premises, is prohibited by law.

SKIPS University firmly enforces the rule against ragging, treating it as a criminal activity. A dedicated committee is in place to uphold this perspective, aiming to eradicate any form of intimidation that may lead to discomfort, distress, mental injury, or induce fear in both new and current students.

At SKIPS University, we uphold a policy that ensures our campus is devoid of any ragging activities. Our policies are in line with the UGC/AICTE directive that emphasizes eradicating and banning ragging within university premises.

To enforce this, we have set up a committee and team specifically dedicated to anti-ragging efforts. This Anti-Ragging Committee comprises of a chairperson, academic and non-academic personnel, student and parent representatives, delegates from non-profit organizations, local governance, and media.

The panel is committed to enforcing the Anti-Ragging policy’s requirements, supervising and evaluating the Anti-Ragging Squad’s effectiveness in preventing ragging within the establishment. The institution follows and adheres to the All India Council for Technical Education’s 2009 Regulations on Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Technical Institutions and Universities, including those classified as Deemed-to-be Universities providing technical education.



According to the UGC Regulations for the Prevention of Ragging in Higher Education Institutions (2009), the following activities are considered as ragging:

Any individual involved directly or indirectly in endorsing, partaking in, encouraging, or inciting ragging, within or outside the University boundaries, will be penalized by the University’s Anti-Ragging Committee.