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Chairman’s Message

Col Vinod Kumar (Retd), Chairman SKIPS University

As the world has transitioned into an era of dynamic changes in the field of technology, and social and economic patterns, the role of education has changed equally. Today skills and practical knowledge are equally important, perhaps more important than theoretical knowledge. One should also possess adaptability, a global perspective, and tech abilities to embark on a successful career journey.

Nurturing a proficient workforce for the contemporary era with all the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude is a big responsibility. We, at SKIPS University, are on a mission to effectively actualize this mission through committed initiatives and best practices. We envision providing students with a quality education that brings tangible results and propels students toward a successful career. We believe that education is more than just what happens in a classroom; it’s about nurturing critical thinking and developing students for the dynamic challenges of the constantly evolving world.

Knowledge has no bounds and curiosity is celebrated at SKIPS. It started as a school and has grown into one of Ahmedabad’s top universities. This achievement demonstrates our unwavering dedication to providing quality education.

As Chairman of SKIPS University, I am proud to lead an institution that is dedicated to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Know that you bear the weight of not only your own dreams but also the aspirations of SKIPS University as a whole. In moments of uncertainty, please know that we are here, by your side, prepared to provide guidance, motivation, and unwavering support.