Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct (Discipline)

Following are the guidelines for the code of conduct that should be followed at the institute by all Students

For Students

Self- discipline is the best discipline. All students are expected to observe rules & regulations so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the college. Violation of the rules will invite disciplinary action as per the AICTE rules & regulations, St.Kabir Institute of Professional studies and other relevant rules as laid down by the statutory bodies.

Students should come to the institute in formal Attire as prescribed by the college. Students are expected to avoid any form of attire or behaviour which could be considered indecent/unsuitable.

Students are required to display the ID cards given by the college during their stay in the Campus. The security persons in this regard will have the full authority to check the ID cards. Refusal by a student to produce ID card as and when demanded shall result in disciplinary actions.

While in the campus, student behaviour must at no point disturb the conduct of lecture.

Smoking, Drinking and gambling in any form within the campus premises is strictly prohibited.

The following shall amount to acts of gross indiscipline:

Cell phones/Mobiles phones or other such device should not be used within the college premises except in the mentioned areas by the institute. (Annexure ii)

Civilized and considerate behavior is expected from all students of Institute at all times. Harassment and rudeness towards, institute members particularly, fellow students and staff is unacceptable and will be reprimanded severely.

They shall strictly observe the disciplinary rules framed by the Institute. Violation of which will be dealt by the Institute in the manner it considers fit and its decision will be final.

Students are instructed to take prior written permission from the Director/Dean before taking any leave. A leave application, available from the administrative office,should be duly filled and submitted in person before availing any leave.

Late arrival or early departure from a class is recorded as absence from the class. Students are not allowed to leave the institute during working hours without the written permission of the Director/Dean.

Attendance to the institute’s functions like meetings, College assembly, seminars, group discussions, Industrial visits, Viva Voce etc are obligatory to all students.

Cleanliness on campus: All students must keep the campus clean. Anyone found littering the campus premises shall be issued a warning. Repeat offenders shall be penalized.

Students should use social media with a sense of responsibility and they should not indulge in any activity on social media that brings the SKIPS community into disrepute.

Silence is to be maintained. Noise can be avoided by limiting loud conversations, boisterous behavior at the end of lectures and during library time. A severe view is taken on any disturbance caused during any activity of the institute.

The extensive network of the institute allows the placement team to assist in finding a suitable internship and final placement for students. However, the institute does not claim any guarantee for the same. Placements are subject to student’s skills and performance

Dress code

The following dress code is to be followed in the institute by all students.

The details of the dresses are appended below

Formals (Male)

Formals (Female)

Casuals (Male and Female)


Mobile Phone usage

The following rules are to be strictly followed with regards to the use of mobile phones/tablets in the institute

Use of mobile phones/tablets is strictly prohibited in Classrooms, Tutorial rooms, Library, Computer Lab and First Floor administrative block and staff room.

Students may use their mobile phones/tablets in Canteen, Adjoining sports area, Stairs (leading to the top floors), Parking, Corridors.