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Bachelor's in Computer Application

Get Admission to the Best BCA Programme in Ahmedabad offered by SKIPS University.

About BCA Program

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) at SKIPS University is an undergraduate degree offered as a 3-year program with six semesters. This program caters to students who are enthusiastic to lay the foundation for a career in computer-related fields. The BCA program helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of IT-enabled services and the role of computer applications in the business world. Owing to its versatility and job opportunities in various industries, BCA is a highly sought-after course in today’s job market.

With hands-on training and industry exposure that supplement a well-structured curriculum, BCA at SKIPS University is designed to make you ready for the job world. The program is complemented by relevant industry-specific certifications such as Microsoft Azure, Google etc. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of software development and computer applications, encompassing everything from computer programming to networking.

Thus, obtaining a BCA aids in readying oneself for the IT domain with industry-specific skill sets.

Tools You Will Master

Gain proficiency in an array of cutting-edge IT tools. You will learn to use and implement tools essential for excelling in data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, such as VMware, Tableau, Power BI, Hadoop, Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Skill Sets You Will Develop

Programming skills

Networking skills

Data modeling skills

Data analysis

Web development skills

Version control skills

Communication skills

Database management skills

System analysis skills

Software testing skills

User interface (UI) design skills

Cyber security skills

Cloud computing skills

Software development skills

Mobile app development skills

Our Key Features

Embark on a deep dive into an immersive educational experience that encompasses a wide spectrum of computer disciplines. Spanning from programming languages to cutting-edge technologies like block chain and AI, our program offers more than 2300+ hours of active learning covering all major aspects in the field of IT and computer domain.

With a total of over 600 hours dedicated to project work, you will be taught to apply theoretical knowledge in real-life situations. This will enable you to develop your problem-solving abilities and critical thinking –two very crucial skills that are revered in the IT business environments.

Improve your communication skills through our comprehensive language training program. With more than 170 hours focused on enhancing your language proficiency, you will gain a competitive advantage in the professional realm by effectively engaging with diverse audiences and establishing meaningful connections.

Our program places great emphasis on fostering employability skills that are essential for success in today's job market. Through more than 110 hours dedicated to skill enhancement, you will master critical competencies such as critical thinking, problem-solving capabilities, teamwork dynamics, and adaptability

Through more than 250 hours of hands-on training, you will acquire invaluable practical experience in the application of cutting-edge tools and technologies. This immersive approach equips you to confidently tackle real-world obstacles and seamlessly transition from academic to professional settings.

Elevate your credentials and showcase your expertise by taking advantage of our program's extensive certification options. Earn over 20 industry certifications and 4 MOOC certifications, highlighting your proficiency in specialized areas. These certifications validate your skills and position you as a standout candidate.

Why BCA as a Career?

High demand for IT professionals

Versatile job scope

Base for higher degrees like MCA/MBA

Constantly evolving field

Competitive salaries

On-Trend Education

Course Structure & Specialization

Semester 1
  • Basics of Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Computer Architecture
  • Introduction to Programming Using C
  • C Programming Lab
  • Web Technology
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Language Training Programme - I
  • Indian Knowledge System
  • Employability Skills Enhancement - I
  • MOOC Courses (Multi-disciplinary)

Semester 2
  • OOP Using C++
  • OOP Using C++ Lab
  • Data Structures
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Language Training Programme - II
  • Basic Automation Tools
  • Environment Studies
  • Employability Skills Enhancement - II
  • Community Service
  • MOOC Courses (Multi-disciplinary)

Semester 3
  • Basics of Statistics
  • Java Programming
  • Java Programming Lab
  • DBMS
  • DBMS Lab
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Language Training Programme - III
  • Health & Wellness Essentials
  • Employability Skills Enhancement - III
  • MOOC Courses (Multi-disciplinary)

Semester 4
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Linux Fundamentals Lab
  • Python Programming
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Data Communication & Networking
  • Web Application Development - I
  • Web Application Development - I Lab
  • Principles of Software Development
  • Language Training Programme - IV
  • Employability Skills Enhancement - IV
  • Summer Intership
  • MOOC Courses (Multi-disciplinary)

Semester 5
  • Web Application Development - II
  • Web Application Development - II Lab
  • Elective - I
  • Elective - II
  • Elective - III
  • Elective - IV
  • SDP - 1 (Project)

Semester 6
  • Software Testing
  • Software Testing Lab
  • Elective - V
  • Elective - VI
  • Elective - VII
  • Elective - VIII
  • SDP - II (Project)

Electives of Semester 5 & 6
  • Basics of Cloud Computing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Software Project Management
  • Principles of Management
  • eGovernance
  • Mobile Application Development
  • System Software
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Introduction to AR/VR
  • Foundation of Blockchain Technology
  • Computer Networks
  • Cybercrime and Cyberlaw
  • IoT

Semester 7
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Micro Service Architecture

Semester 8
  • Deep Learning
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Research Project

Specialization-based Add-On Certifications!

Our thoughtfully curated certification options are designed to complement your core BCA program. These certifications provide you with the opportunity to explore specific areas of interest in greater depth and expand your skill set to unlock new opportunities for specialized career paths.

Top Job Profiles After BCA

Web Developer

Software Developer

Network Administrator

IT System Analyst

Database Manager

IT Consultants

Mobile App Developer

UI/UX Designer

QA Analyst

Technical Support Engineer

Cybersecurity analyst

IT Project Manager

Cloud Solutions Architect

Our Recruiters

Future Scope of BCA

Stepping Stone for MCA

BCA can serve as a strong foundation for those looking to pursue advanced degrees such as MCA or MSc. IT. BCA lays the foundation to pursue these higher-level programs to further specialize and gain in-depth knowledge in areas like software development, programming, AI and cybersecurity.

Jobs in Various Industries

The IT sector spans various industries, resulting in a wide range of job openings for BCA graduates. Whether it's healthcare, finance, entertainment, or e-commerce - every industry requires skilled IT professionals to develop innovative technological solutions and maintain existing systems.

Lucrative Salaries

Due to the high demand for proficient IT professionals, BCA graduates often receive competitive salary packages early on in their careers. As you accumulate experience and expertise over time, your earning potential tends to increase significantly.

Demand for IT Professionals

In this digital era that heavily relies on technology advancements, there is a consistent demand for qualified IT professionals. BCA graduates have access to an abundance of job opportunities across various fields and roles such as programming, data analysis web development networking among others.

Trendy Course

The BCA course remains popular and relevant due to its extreme relevance to the ever-changing technology landscape. It not only covers programming but also explores emerging fields such as AI, blockchain, and cloud computing, ensuring graduates stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology.

Global Value

One of the advantages of pursuing a BCA qualification is its recognition on an international level. This opens up opportunities for job seekers to explore career options in different countries. Considering that the IT industry is global in nature, your skills gained through BCA can be applied across borders, providing a wider scope for professional development.

India is an IT hub

India has emerged as a significant IT hub, with numerous tech companies and startups establishing their presence. BCA graduates can capitalize on this by working for renowned Indian and multinational IT companies, contributing to the nation's tech growth.

Focused Career in IT

This undergraduate program is available to students from science, commerce, or arts backgrounds. It is a focused program chosen by students aspiring to become proficient in various areas of computer applications and establish a thriving career in the IT industry.

Eligibility & Selection Process

Pass in 10+2 in any stream with at least 50% marks or equivalent stage of education corresponding to Level 4 UGC guidelines.

He/She must secured least 50% marks (in any stream)

Stage 1

The applicants shall be shortlisted based on the general rank figured after assessing the below mentioned accompanying parts and their subsequent weightages:


Academic Performance (Marks obtained in class XII)


SSAT (SKIPS Scholastic Aptitude Test) Score


Group Discussion & Personal Interview


Weightage for participation in (Sports / Extra- curricular activities / Gender diversity)

Stage 2

Declaration of consolidated merit position for each of the candidates.

Stage 3

All the merit positioned candidates will be called for counseling at different time slots depending upon the rank.
Admission cut-off date will be announced along with the declaration of the merit list.

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Top Job Profiles for BCA Students:

  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • IT Systems Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • IT Product Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Consultant
  • Mobile App Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Project Manager (IT)
  • Cloud Solutions Architect

Benefits of a BCA Degree include

  • Explore a multitude of career paths spanning across industries and sectors.
  • Develop a range of skills in the IT domain
  • Develop a solid grounding in computer science fundamentals
  • Gain hands-on experience through practical projects in IT concepts
  • Hone your technical prowess in areas
  • Experience international perspectives through technology trends
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Identify tech-based business opportunities
  • Sharpen your analytical abilities
  • Learn to tackle complex programming problems
  • Comprehensive education in computer science and IT

Key Industries and Business Verticals Recruiting BCA Students:

  • Information Technology (IT) Companies
  • Software Development Firms
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Cybersecurity Firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Consulting Firms
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Advertising

Yes, loan options and aid alternatives are available. Please contact the admissions.

Ahmedabad is a thriving IT hub with a multitude of information technology companies housed in Ahmedabad’s business-friendly environment. Studying BCA here will provide ample opportunities and easy access to live projects, internships and jobs.

Industry-Integrated Learning: At SKIPS University, the BCA program offers a unique approach that integrates industry-aligned assignments and internships. This ensures that students gain practical experience and knowledge of real-world business intricacies. The exposure to these pragmatic opportunities enhances their adaptability and problem-solving abilities, making them stand out in dynamic corporate environments.

Practical Skills: In addition to academic excellence, the BCA program at SKIPS University focuses on nurturing vital career skills. Through practical assignments and a strong emphasis on personality development, students are able to enhance their communication, teamwork, and critical thinking abilities.

Personality Development: SKIPS University takes a personalized approach to teaching by tailoring practical assignments according to individual personalities. This not only helps students develop their technical skills but also fosters the growth of skills necessary for personal and professional success.