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In today’s competitive job market, companies look for specific qualities, capabilities, and skills when selecting top candidates to join their organizations. It is crucial that education aligns with the demands of the industry. SKIPS University recognizes that even with a comprehensive curriculum, academic and industry certifications, and numerous training programs, transitioning into a corporate environment can be intimidating for students. As a result, SKIPS has developed its signature employability enhancement program for PGDM students to address these concerns and instil corporate-ready abilities. This program equips students to carry out their responsibilities in a company without confusion or fear. EEP is the product of extensive research conducted by SKIPS faculty in collaboration with the placement team and industry leaders. Our expertise in education, the proficiency of our faculty, and our impressive placement record enable us to provide top-notch candidates to the industry.

Each stage of a student’s progression toward the corporate world was carefully considered when designing the structure and subsequent components of the program.

The employability enhancement program at SKIPS University includes a variety of activities, modules, workshops, training sessions, and mock exercises designed to help students develop a comprehensive skillset that meets the demands of the corporate world.

A strong research perspective, in-depth expertise, and practical knowledge are necessary for achieving success in the corporate realm, even during challenging times. Employability skills are crucial for gaining a competitive edge in the business landscape. Thus, the EEP is designed to enable students to outperform their competition and become leaders in any corporate sector.


Streamlining The Core Skills

Delivering High-Quality Instruction

Unleashing The Right Context

Achieving Accurate Performance Measurement

Providing Industry-aligned Content

Encouraging Peer-led Learning

Adopting a Personalized Learning Approach

Eliminating Obsolete skills

Sharpening Employability Skills

Preparing Students for The Fastest Growing Jobs

Why Employment Enhancement Programs are required for Students?

In today’s world, top-tier employment prospects, well-compensated positions, and rapid growth opportunities are exclusively available to highly skilled professionals. Simply having a certain level of education is no longer adequate for securing prominent roles in the corporate sector. Presently, businesses expect more from their B-school graduates, including cognitive abilities, innovation, socio-economic competencies, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. The required skill set for prestigious job positions has significantly evolved in recent times. While there is an abundance of job openings, there is a scarcity of qualified candidates to bridge the skills gap.

Amidst these challenges, an employability enhancement program presents a practical solution.

To ensure student success in the modern job market, educational institutions must recognize and harness the potential of customized initiatives like EEP.

Below is the list of activities covered in our Employability Enhancement Program


These tests provide insights into students’ inherent traits, motivations, and mental abilities. The measured characteristics are valuable assessment metrics used by HRs during the recruitment process.


With SWOT, students know their strengths and weaknesses, and their interpretation is helpful in minimizing roadblocks to their careers and finding relevant opportunities for them by eliminating any threats/negatives.


We help students in creating a clear blueprint of their goals and objectives (both short-term and long-term goals) and then guide them to strategize an action plan to achieve them in a realistic way.


Our comprehensive English learning programs focused on LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) empower students to improve their domain-specific English language usage in practical settings.


From acing interviews to job performance and promotions, verbal and non-verbal skills are indispensable in the employment environment. We take care of both with our tailored EEP program.


These workshops help students in practising and developing confident body language (eye contact, posture, movements, facial expressions and personal space) to excel in corporate communication skills.


With resume-building workshops, we aim to design professional resumes for our students that showcase their career objectives, educational achievements, professional trajectories, skillsets and experiences.


Aptitude tests are industry norms as the first step of the corporate interview process. In our EEP program, we prepare students in all core areas of aptitude tests including, logical reasoning, quantitative section, verbal ability etc.


Our EEP program also focuses on appearance management guiding students in areas like professional attire, grooming habits, personal hygiene, sensible dressing, and basic courtesies at the workplace.


Group discussions enhance interactive skills and mark your proficiency as a team player and team leader. In the EEP program, we conduct group discussions where students explore various current topics.


This is an ongoing exercise and we prepare students before every interview for intricacies like understanding the job description, skills required for a particular job, and info about the company in which they are seeking a job.


We conduct mock interviews in a realistic setup to provide students with a glimpse of what is it going to be like in the actual interview room. Mock interviews develop a better understanding of the interview processes.