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Institute has fully air-conditioned, well-furnished and contemporary classrooms, creating a conducive teaching-learning environment for faculties and students. The smart rooms are well-equipped with all modern teaching & learning aids.


Institute has an air-conditioned auditorium for activities and cultural programs, student discussion rooms and Wi-Fi infrastructure. All of these make the institute one of the best-equipped educational centers in the city of Ahmedabad.


Ergonomically planned for academic meetings and discourse, the University’s conference room is equipped with an air-conditioner, Wi-Fi-enabled LCD Projector, and high-definition sound system for impactful and seamless presentations. The layout is designed for comfortable seating and cancels any external sound disturbances. The conference room is ideal for meetings ranging from staff meetings, student mock interview sessions, Industry-faculty meetings, and more.


The Institute cafeteria is where students can get together to discuss their assignments and projects over cups of tea, coffee and tasty food. The cafeteria provides hygienic and healthy vegetarian food.


Institute library has a rich repository of physical and digital books from management and other disciplines. It also has a rich pool of international and national journals and an array of business case studies.


The computer lab is one of the best-equipped IT centers to aid learning software packages like SPSS help in conducting data interpretation for business analysis, financial analysis, marketing research activity, analysis of case studies, preparation of summer training projects and concurrent projects.