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Provost’s Message

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Arora, Provost SKIPS University

As educational and business environments rapidly transform, students must grasp current principles and scenarios and grow as creative and analytical thinkers capable of swiftly adapting to novel situations and challenges. We are delighted to introduce SKIPS University, where education and development take centre stage in all our endeavors. Our mission is to deliver a top-notch education to our students, equipping them for prosperous careers and rewarding lives.

We have built an outstanding international network of academic collaborations and fostered global partnerships. We prioritize diversity, cross-cultural learning, and a global perspective. Our students benefit from advanced technology and modern facilities, ensuring a first-class education ready for the future. Our esteemed faculty members excel in their specific domains and are deeply passionate about imparting knowledge. They are devoted to assisting students in realizing their maximum potential and capabilities, both academically and beyond the classroom.

At SKIPS University, we hold the view that a diverse environment is crucial for a comprehensive education. We endeavor to build an inviting and inclusive atmosphere that embraces each student’s distinct viewpoints and backgrounds. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is evident in every aspect of our work, from the courses we offer to the campus environment.

We take pride in being part of the energetic and thriving community where our University resides. Nestled in the picturesque and bustling city of Ahmedabad, our institution offers convenient access to a vast array of career opportunities.

I wish all the best to all stakeholders at SKIPS University and welcome students and their parents to seize enormous opportunities for growth and enrichment.