Student Grievance Policy

Student Grievance Policy

The aim of SKIPS University is to foster a collaborative and supportive atmosphere among students, faculty, and staff members within the institution. Despite this, should a student feel they have been treated unfairly or in violation of their rights by the University or any of its employees- actions that contradict the University’s policies – they are entitled to file a complaint with the university in anticipation of an appropriate resolution.

A grievance can be initiated when a student perceives that due process was not adhered to correctly. For instance, if a student senses they were deprived of expressing their concern through established policy or procedural route.

Grievance Redressal Committee

The grievance redressal committee is committed to fostering and preserving an unbiased and welcoming atmosphere for all students. It addresses issues and grievances submitted by anyone concerning the functions of the organization, specifically those raised by students. The committee provides efficient solutions to these complaints using a balanced methodology.

The grievance redressal committee empowers students to voice their concerns, starting and carrying out the complaint process in line with the University rules and regulations. Regular meetings are held by this committee where they carefully scrutinize each complaint’s nature and pattern before providing appropriate resolutions.


Grievance and Redressal Cell Composition

Redressal of Grievances